Raheem Sterling has defied all expectations, not just by making the England squad by 17, and all of his successes since then, but by standing up to racism in football, and by giving back to the community in Brent where he grew up. Just Do it: Dream For The Next You, shows the athlete’s story, but also his philosophy. When you’re somebody like Raheem Sterling’s - You don’t just dream for you, you dream for the next you.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London

Client: Nike


Raheem met with kids from his old school 'ARK Elvin Academy'.
The 'squad shot' of Raheem leading the next generation permanently spans the outside wall of the school.


Every dream starts somewhere. Raheem Sterling’s began in Brent.
To celebrate what Raheem means to Brent, and what Brent means to him, Nike has emblazoned his story on the walls of his home town: five locations, five turning points in his life, five unique artworks. At each site, a plaque gives details on the challenges that faced Raheem and how he overcame them.